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BoarTech Meeting is a solution for the generation, call, management and execution of business meetings. It is based on the features of OpenText, the world's leading document management system for enterprise content management




eEmployeeFolder is a preconfigured solution that allows easy, single-view access to SAP HCM data and documents. The solution is based on SAP® Document Access by OpenText and includes Entelgy Consultingtech's customization/configuration services.


Esker On-Demand

Entelgy and Esker have signed an agreement for the incorporation of the Esker On-Demand Solution into the ecosystem of solutions of the IR4dt model driven by Entelgy, in the area of document flow automation associated with customer and supplier relations.



Fast Invoice

SAP Invoice Management is a solution for optimizing Accounts Payable. It manages the entire cycle of A/P invoices from receipt to posting. With SAP Invoice Management you eliminate manual processing, shorten the payment cycle by having control over your invoices from start to finish.






Soluciones Entelgy Digital



The Firewall Mindset

The Firewall Mindset™, the new model of cybersecurity awareness to strengthen the security of organizations. A model based on the human management of change that focuses on transforming people's behaviour and renewing their habits to make them safer in the face of the increase in cyberattacks.


Digital WorkPlace

At Entelgy Digital we face business challenges by transforming the traditional way of working of our clients' professionals by acquiring a new culture of digital work, with the aim of acquiring new habits and behaviours that make them more agile, efficient and collaborative.


Process Mining

Entelgy's process mining aims to improve the understanding of the business processes studied in order to optimize them and make them more efficient.



It is the virtual assistant management platform that allows the coexistence of both types of technicians, the human being and the Artificial Intelligence.  It is the perfect platform to improve the user experience, streamline processes, generate immediate efficiency and optimize the service they offer to their customers.



Modular platform with the ability to accelerate and accompany the creation of new digital solutions.


Smart Help

Our proposal to transform the training and change management model for users to increase their productivity.


Cloud Infrastructure

Automated Security Operations is our solution for automated management, control and execution of changes in DataCenter and Cloud configuration.



Robotic Process Automation, RPA is Entelgy's solution that improves the operational efficiency of business processes.



The SD WAN solution ensures the quality of critical applications on the WAN and optimizes the experience of employees when using them.


Digital Architecture

Digital Architecture develops an enterprise API in a regulated and flexible manner, regardless of the degree of maturity of the organization in this environment.


Digital Devs

DevOps facilitates the transformation of organisations to embrace a shift towards collaboration, communication and teamwork under a methodology of a new agile development model for digital products.


Liferay Solutions

Customized solution to meet the specific challenges of an organization through a flexible and integrated digital experience platform.


Data & Analytics

As experts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we provide solutions and models for numerous use cases in different sectors, implementing AI solutions in image, video, audio, PLN, ...


Data-Driven Marketing

Entelgy provides organizations with the ability to meet the challenges of marketing in the data age. Our experience in the technological and analytical ecosystem positions us as a reliable partner in the evolution towards Data-Driven Marketing.


Data Virtualisation

Agile, real-time access to your business operation data for analysis and exploitation - however your organisation needs it, whenever you need it.



Soluciones Entelgy Digital



Cloud Observability

When you operate at the speed and scale of the cloud, you can't afford to fly blind: you need to be able to answer operational and business questions like these. To get this information, you need observable systems.


In our SmartOPS Operations Center we combine technology, experience and a highly qualified team to guarantee the availability and performance of our clients' infrastructures.


IT Performance Services

IT Performance Services is a discipline based on process management. Focused on aligning IT services with the needs of companies, it emphasizes the real benefits perceived by the final client.


Production Management Office

Large organizations outsource their IT operations services to improve their quality ratios and operational efficiency, but above all, to focus on their business activity.


Software Factory Services

Productivity and quality software. We promote two lines of services focused on the productivity of software development teams and the generation of value: Agile and Software Development.


Agile Transformation Office

We are experts in the management and implementation of agility to contribute to the construction of products and services of value.


Internal Audit of Applications

Based on market standards and "best practices", it identifies points for improvement and evolution of operations, both in the implementation of applications and in the processes associated with such implementation.


PeopleSoft Solutions

Entelgy offers comprehensive implementation, support and maintenance services for the following Oracle PeopleSoft applications: ERP Finance and Supply Chain; HCM and Payroll; and Campus Solutions (Academic).




Soluciones Entelgy Innotec Security



Nuestro Centro Avanzado Operativo de Seguridad presta servicios y soluciones eficaces frente a las amenazas que pueden comprometer la actividad de una organización.


Red Team

Con el servicio Red Team nos ponemos en la mente del atacante para identificar las vulnerabilidades que pueden ser utilizadas para comprometer los activos de tu organización.


Blue Team

Our Blue Team combines intelligence and technology, enabling us to provide effective cybersecurity services and solutions against threats that can compromise the security of your organization.


VPN Cloud

With our Cloud VPN solution you can securely deploy a virtual private network in the cloud in record time.


Security Monitoring & Incident Response

Con un servicio de detección y respuesta a incidentes 24x7, nuestro CERT es líder en la detección y cierre de casos.


Fraud Prevention & Response

Inteligencia, tecnología y recursos para detectar y prevenir las acciones de fraude online que pueden afectar a las organizaciones o las transacciones que sus clientes realizan a través de Internet.


Compliance & Risk Management

Te ayudamos a cumplimentar y adecuar las normativas, estándares y mejores prácticas de seguridad, nacionales e internacionales.


Network, System & Identity Security

Protección integral de redes y sistemas, y gestión de identidades para garantizar el acceso de los miembros de la organización y minimizar los riesgos de intrusión de agentes externos que puedan suponer una amenaza.


Brand Protection & Social Media Security

We monitor all online channels to detect digital and physical threats, evaluate their real and potential impact, and design action plans covering all areas involved.


Advanced Penetrations Testing & Vulnerability Management

Detects and analyzes vulnerabilities in the internal network and external access to the organization's systems.


Industrial Control Systems Security

Servicios de ciberseguridad diseñados para proteger y garantizar el correcto funcionamiento de los Sistemas de Control Industrial conectados (SCI).

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