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Fast Invoice

Automatic posting of A/P invoices in SAP with SAP IM in less than 4 months Fast Invoice enables you to reap the benefits of cost savings almost immediately.

 SAP Invoice Management is a solution for optimizing Accounts Payable. It manages the entire cycle of A/P invoices from receipt to posting. With SAP Invoice Management you eliminate manual processing, shorten the payment cycle by having control over your invoices from start to finish.



SAP IM allows you to increase operational efficiency and manage your current resources in the most convenient way. The accounting department constantly needs to find ways to simplify the business process, reduce legal liabilities, and reduce costs to maximize profits.

SAP IM provides the Accounts Payable (A/P) department with all of these benefits, however, in many cases, the implementation effort of multiple A/P invoice postings slows down the A/P department when dealing with these types of projects.

Entelgy ConsultingTech's Fast Invoice solution helps companies to achieve the main benefits of the SAP IM solution in a short period of time, less than 4 months, achieving a better return on investment.





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