Virtual Assistant Management Platform

ViCA is the virtual assistant management platform that allows the coexistence of both types of technicians, the human being and the Artificial Intelligence. It is the perfect platform to improve the user experience, streamline processes, generate immediate efficiency and optimize the service they offer to their customers.

ViCA responds perfectly to the business needs marked by the current market trend. It is a platform that adapts to different businesses and operations and is capable of learning from any context; perfect for improving the user experience, streamlining processes, generating immediate efficiency and optimizing the service offered to its customers.

With natural language processing capabilities and through the use of the latest cognitive and artificial intelligence capabilities, it helps companies to be more effective in their customer service and assistance processes, becoming a new unassisted digital channel for access and interaction.

Cognitive solutions at the service of society

   What can ViCA bring to your business?


  Advantages of ViCA for your business

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