Virtual Chat Assistant

ViCa is your virtual assistant that, through the use of the latest cognitive and artificial intelligence capabilities, helps companies to be more efficient in their processes of attention and assistance to their clients, becoming a new unassisted digital channel of access and interaction.

ViCA (Virtual Chat Assistant) responds perfectly to the business needs marked by the current market trend. It is a virtual helper that adapts to different businesses and operations; a perfect chatbot to improve the user experience, streamline processes, generate immediate efficiency and optimize the service offered by their customers.

When a business decides to choose ViCA, the platform is able to learn from any context. By integrating it into an organization, it begins to take data and evaluate them: consumption history, telephone data that is making the query, etc.. In fact, one of the advantages of ViCA is that it adapts exactly to the needs of each client. It trains, a priori, with hundreds of questions, creating a conversation script that allows access to the data source that provides the knowledge to answer the client with the three most common questions. This speeds up the process and brings the customer closer to solving the problem they are posing. It is a training based on the interaction tree created by the questions and answers identified to generate a fluid conversation.


   What can ViCA bring to your business?



  Advantages of ViCA for your business

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