Digital Workplace


Digital Workplace

An experiential journey through digital principles to achieve behavioural change

At Entelgy Digital we face business challenges by transforming the traditional way of working of our clients' professionals by acquiring a new culture of digital work, with the aim of acquiring new habits and behaviours that make them more agile, efficient and collaborative...

We help our clients with an end-to-end Integral Model. Change management consulting project that includes the conceptualization of the solution, design and development of digital content, campaign planning, measurement and gamification of the process.

Entelgy provides a multidisciplinary team of specialists in human management of change, creativity, communication and management, and the sum of two fundamental capabilities, creative and consultative:

A unique solution that focuses on people and how behavior change occurs, transforming their traditional way of working based on digital principles: Simplicity, Transparency, Efficiency and Collaboration.

  Sum of two key consultative capabilities for success


   Creative Consultative Capacity:



   Conceptual Consultative Capacity:

  Benefits for your business

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Alfredo Zurdo

Head of Digital Change

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