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Entelgy offers you a perfect plan

Thinking about you

We would love to discover all that you can offer Entelgy, but do you know what Entelgy can offer you? Have a full range of opportunities for you to develop as a professional and as a person within our company.

Entelgy College: Our University

Our university Entelgy College gathers all the training programs and development plans with the aim of promoting the training and development of talent in the Company, integrating all the training tools that Entelgy offers to its Professionals:

Health & Wellness: Health, also at work 

At Entelgy we promote healthy habits in all our professionals in order to promote a healthy and balanced life.

In our facilities you will find fruit in the office, offers and discounts, nutritional and fitness advice for all professionals. You can join the Entelgy SportClub to enjoy football leagues, basketball, paddle, corporate games, races and marathons. Do you know any place where conciliation is combined with mindfulness, gymnastics or exercises to combat stress?

Be aware with us of the importance of leading a healthy life with tools that help you have more energy, more self-esteem, more vitality and, of course, better health.

Social Entelgy: Adding to society

At Entelgy we all work as a team to support this purpose through equality and conciliation policies, social campaigns and our commitment to the environment.

Knowledge Communities: Participate and co-create

Born from a collaborative and exciting initiative, Entelgy's Knowledge Communities are a virtual and face-to-face meeting place where professionals can share experiences and knowledge of common interest for their professional development and that of their projects.

Communities are open spaces for sharing and generating knowledge. Created by techies for techies. In addition, they seek to homogenize and align performance criteria between different work teams, share experiences in projects, and so on.

Entelgy communities add to your development and expertise, as well as sharing your talent and experiences among colleagues and having a great time co-creating with the technologies you are most passionate about and concerned about.

MyFlex: Our flexible remuneration platform

In Entelgy you decide how to receive your salary. You have at your disposal a flexible remuneration plan that offers our professionals the possibility of choosing how they want to receive their annual remuneration, adapting it to their personal and family needs at all times. We offer you a series of products and services which, in accordance with current Spanish legislation, mean a reduction in the tax impact on our Personal Income Tax, allowing you to make the most of your annual remuneration.

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