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What does Entelgy bring to the Public Administration?

Collaborating with the public sector in its digital transformation

Public administrations are faced with the challenge of continuing to move towards a more efficient and e-government, so that they pour out all these improvements to the citizen. Public employees and the general public have changed, and with them the services they demand from the administration. Entelgy is accompanying the Public Administration at a state, autonomous and local level in the process of this transformation, on a methodological, technological and, of course, secure basis.

What do we do?

Transforming the way public employees work

  • AGILE. Transforming the organization from within to be more efficient when focusing on projects / services: Business / IT Alignment and Agile Development and Transformation Offices.
  • Digital Workplace. Facilitating the connected, multi-device, collaborative employee, but above all within a process of Digital Transformation taking advantage of new workplace tools such as MS 365 or Google. Entelgy has collaborated in the transformation of the way of working of more than 20,000 public employees.
  • IT Governance
    • Project Management Offices.
    • Quality and Safety Offices.
    • Robotics Offices.
  • Apification: Consulting for the design and implementation of Digital Business Architectures that allow the creation of new channels, products, services and new disruptive business models based on API's.

Applying security in all areas

Covering the entire value chain: identification, protection, detection, response and recovery through our Advanced Security Operations Center (SMARTSOC).

  • Member of the main international forums and centres of excellence: FIRST, TF-CSIRT,, ISACA, CCI, ISMSForum.
  • Security Monitoring & Incident Response | CSIRT / CERT. Incident Detection and Response Services. Design and deployment of security monitoring solutions (SIEM/BigData).
  • Advanced Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Management. Detection and integral management of vulnerabilities. Advanced Ethical Hacking (source code, social engineering, hardware, exploiting, DDoS...)
  • Brand Protection & Social Media Security. Early detection of digital and physical threats. Deep web analysis, dark web and social networks.
  • Compliance & Risk Management. Compliance and adaptation to security regulations, standards and best practices.
  • Network, Systems & Identity Security. Deployment, operation and comprehensive support of network and systems protection solutions.
  • R+D+i. Customized development of security solutions such as MARTA and REYES for the CCN.
  • Cybersecurity awareness through The Firewall Mindset solution.


Transforming the way we relate to citizens

  • Implementation of the Unique Digital Identity with Google Suite For Education (G-Suite) for students and teachers in schools.
  • Omnicanal Emergency Management "REA - Remote Experience Assistance". Interactive solution with Augmented Reality "just in time" and "real time" that allows to respond to any incident (emergencies, health, aid, assistance, etc.) Live, Auditable, Secure and Geopositionable and that responds to the needs of Digital Transformation of the Public Emergency Services.
  • VICA 2.0 - Virtual assistant that, by using the latest cognitive and artificial intelligence capabilities, helps the administration to get closer to the citizen.
  • Support to the Citizen and Public Employee - We have the most modern Specialized Attention Services, with hundreds of expert agents certified in ITIL, with traceable and cyber-safe means, with the highest levels of certification in this type of services and logistic means. We serve more than 120,000 users annually and have migrated more than 50,000 computers to Windows 10, among many other services. 

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Success stories

Entelgy helps in the Digital Transformation of 80 schools in Castilla-La Mancha, with 450 teachers and 10,000 students in Primary and Secondary Education.

Entelgy provides service to all the Schools dependent on the Education Department of the Basque Government, with more than 90,000 supported devices.

Entelgy has been collaborating with the Móstoles City Council for more than 8 years in the provision of the Integral Service of administration, support and maintenance of the ICT systems as well as in the assistance to the content management of the municipal website.

For more than ten years Entelgy has been providing IT services for new developments and maintenance of the Cadastral Mapping Information System (SIGCA) for the General Directorate of Cadastre. This system, which gives support to about 5,000 users, constitutes the core of the cadastral geographic activity on which the computer systems of the Cadastre in Spain are based.

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