What does Entelgy bring to the retail sector?

The arrival of the new Millenial and Z generations or the convulsion caused by digitalization in the Retail sector as well as the entry of new digital players have restarted the rules of the game. A game of chess, where the King is the client and all the pieces have to revolve around him, in a check strategy where the on and off environments remain united in a unified experience.

For this to be possible, businesses have to bet on the operational efficiency of their value chain, the acquisition of knowledge through data, the evolution and creation of business models and the use of technology as a vehicle to accelerate that change; all wrapped up in the best possible layer of protection.

*October 2019.

What do we do?

Our portfolio covers all types of digital solutions, as well as strategic ones, covering the following lines of action:

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Moisés Baena

R. Seguros, Retail, Industria&Servicios

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