What does Entelgy bring to the Industry sector?

The journey towards profit optimization has been going on for years, always focused on the efficiency of the logistic or productive channel.

The world of industry is changing dramatically, leaving behind product centric business models and embracing the customer and their needs ("Customer Centric") in order to maximize business performance.

Even so, much remains to be done thanks to the emergence of new technologies that, if well applied, will substantially improve logistics traceability, stock management, safety, sustainability and, of course, manufacturing and maintenance.

Entelgy covers those technological needs to which the sector needs to give an answer rooted in digitalization, business intelligence, cyber security and ad hoc solutions.

What do we do?

We offer sectorized services and solutions in the following industry segments:

    • Manufacturing
    • Energy
    • Construcction
    • Automotive

Our portfolio covers all types of digital solutions, as well as strategic ones, covering the following lines of action

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R. Seguros, Retail, Industria&Servicios

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