Proven Quality.

From the outset, Entelgy has used internationally-acknowledged standards in its methodological models and frameworks. We are one of the few national leaders in our field that can boast simultaneously holding all these certificates.

ISO 9001 EQA-ENAC Professional Technical Services As a guarantee of quality in processes for selection, allocation, training and inclusion in career plans.

ISO 9001 AENOR Software Development and Maintenance As a basis for continuous improvement in our services and guaranteeing application of best practice.

ISO 14001 EQA-ENAC Environment Application of sustainability and environmental best practices.

ISO 27001 AENOR Security and Technological Risks High criticality certification given to the continuous increase of threats in the information systems sector.

ISO 20000 AENOR Service Management Fundamental to provide the ITIL and ISO 20.000 model best practices in service management.

ISO / IEC 15504 OCACERT Software Development and Maintenance Also known as SPICE, it is equivalent to the CMMi model and sets the framework for continuous improvement in software development and maintenance.

European Scrum Org As the basis for improving productivity in constructing applications based on the Agile Scrum model.

Compliance with the National Security Scheme: certifies the information systems that support the process/workstation services and the related services.

Microsoft Solution Partner Security highlights our capabilities to implement, operate and exploit your security solutions.

The Next Generation D Pact, funded by the European Union Next Generation, is a commitment by all to make the whole society ready, pursuing that the different organizations, associations, companies, etc. join the digital pact.

AWS. The AWS Advanced Service Partner level recognizes those organizations that have a team of trained, certified professionals with customer experience and high technical expertise.


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