The Firewall Mindset


The Firewall Mindset

The new model of cybersecurity awareness

The Firewall Mindset™, the new cyber security awareness model to strengthen the security of organizations. A model based on the human management of change that focuses on transforming people's behaviour and renewing their habits to make them safer from the increase in cyber attacks.

The Firewall Mindset™ manages to transform behaviour by connecting emotion and reason, allowing people to acquire new skills and safe habits in the use of technology and information.

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Our team of experts carries out simulations of real attacks according to the maturity index of your organisation and without neglecting any of the vulnerable areas: digital, physical and human.

A model of success guaranteed thanks to the combination of Entelgy Digital's capabilities, as an inducer of organizational change, and the experience, trajectory, prestige and knowledge of Entelgy Innotec Cybersecurity. With the collaboration of both divisions of Entelgy, the most common errors in current cybersecurity awareness programmes are avoided.

In this work, top management plays a prominent role and must be fully committed to cybersecurity in their organisations. They must be the ones to implement the measures in their daily activity, accepting the existence of risks that may cause a loss of information in their company with great repercussions for the company and its employees.

The importance of raising awareness among all employees of the company lies in the possibility of avoiding cyber attacks. In other words, workers will be able to react to threats and will not have to become involved in a hack. This is why Entelgy Digital has opted for the mantra: OPDA (Observe, Think, Decide and Act). It contains the keys to act in a more secure way and avoid falling into the numerous traps of the attackers.

The Firewall Mindset™ thus becomes an experiential model of awareness that allows the employee to be prepared for an eventual cyber attack through real attacks, emotionally shocking stories and information in all types of formats (web-episodes, cyberstyles, computer graphics, evaluations, real attacks...).

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Alfredo Zurdo

Head of Digital Change

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