Esker On-Demand


Esker On-Demand, Cloud Document Process Automation

Entelgy and Esker have signed an agreement for the incorporation of the Esker On-Demand Solution into the ecosystem of solutions of the IR4dt model driven by Entelgy, in the area of document flow automation associated with customer and supplier relations.



The management of the flow of sales orders received by the sales area, as well as the orders issued by the purchasing department to the company's suppliers, are key processes in the operation of what is called the Cash Conversion Cycle.

Esker On-Demand is the most complete and reliable platform on the market for automated processing of all types of financial documents and includes the Esker applications for automated control of all documents associated with the Order-to-Cash (O2C) process of a company's relationship with its customers and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process of its suppliers.

Supported by a unique automation platform thanks to the Artificial Intelligence it incorporates, Esker On-Demand is sold in a Cloud model and SaaS format and supports all processes in the Cash Conversion Cycle.

Esker On-Demand acts as an intelligent management layer above ERP and forms a collaborative solution that, in addition to being able to process any document format, whether incoming or outgoing, can help you reduce the operational costs associated with document management.

The Esker On-Demand platform for the Cash Conversion Cycle scanning process can bring significant competitive advantages to your company:

Its powerful mobility component, its operation in independent mode or integrated with the business management ERP and a flexible pay-per-use model, will allow your company to vary the costs of document management and quickly evolve towards automated processing of the reception, classification, monitoring, approval and integration of all types of electronic documents, in real time and with total reliability.

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