What does Entelgy bring to the insurance sector?

In the insurance sector we are living in a period of change never before known.

And what is new is that it is not only the changes, but also their speed! People, technology, companies, laws..., everything is changing and doing so at a truly dizzying pace.

We make business solutions based on the best technologies and on three fundamental pillars

  • Knowledge of the insurance sector.
  • Results orientation, including sharing of project risk.
  • A dual methodology that simultaneously focuses on the business objectives of the insurers and on the client

What do we do?

We offer vertical services and solutions for the life and savings, non-life, health and healthcare insurance sector, including service centres.

In our specialized area for the Insurance Sector, we help you and provide a lot of value in

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Some of our solutions for the insurance sector:

Legacy system platform

Automatic Tariffers and Subscribers

Consulting and integration of cores

B2B and B2C StartUp Ecosystem

Risk analysis


Artificial Intelligence


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