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Process mining is a technology that discovers, optimises and automates processes from data by obtaining the digital footprint of processes in different systems.

According to Forrester 61% of decision makers will use process mining to simplify operations.


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Cómo ayuda la minería de procesos


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Process mining components

Process Mining includes different tools to analyse and improve your processes within the following four areas:

Así funciona la minería de procesos

Discovery of the process

Reading the digital footprint Companies implement their business processes using a variety of systems, which makes it difficult to have full visibility of the process.

All these systems leave a digital footprint which is the starting point for Process Mining.

Process compliance

By means of calculation algorithms, Process Mining is able to paint the flow of the process as it is from the data obtained (data-driven) and compare it with the design defined by the organisation.

In this way we can detect errors, redundancies, bottlenecks...

Process Mining: conformidad del proceso
Process Mining: rendimiento del proceso

Process performance

By obtaining real-time data we can measure process speed, errors, redundancies and bottlenecks by calculating specific KPIs.

We can measure the automation rate, the % of late deliveries, the average duration of the process...

Improving the process

With real-time data we can automate mechanisms of action using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, as well as harmonise and redesign the process to align it with the company's objectives.

Process Mining: mejora del proceso

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