Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity is more than a service; it is a different way of doing things and a commitment that helps us to be constantly updated and prepared.

That is why at Entelgy Innotec Security we work to design, develop and maintain cybersecurity plans that can be maintained and evolve in time, through the correct training of teams and continuous improvement. Some of the most important solutions we offer are:


Our Advanced Security Operations Centre provides effective services and solutions against the threats that can compromise the activity of an organization.


Red Team

With the Red Team service we put ourselves in the attacker´s shoes in order to identify the vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise your organization’s assets.


Blue Team

Our Blue Team combines intelligence and technology, enabling us to provide effective cybersecurity services and solutions against threats that can compromise the security of your organization.


VPN Cloud

With our Cloud VPN solution you can securely deploy a virtual private network in the cloud in record time.


Security Monitoring & Incident Response

With a 24x7 incident detection and response service, our CERT is leader in cases of detection and closures.


Fraud Prevention & Response

Intelligence, technology and resources to detect and prevent online fraud actions that can affect the organizations or the transactions that their clients make through Internet. We have constantly updated information about emergent threats and new trends in fraud to minimize time in the identification, analysis and closure of cases.


Compliance & Risk Management

We help you to comply with and adapt the national and international regulations, standards and best security practices.


Network, System & Identity Security

Networks and systems integral protection, and identity management to guarantee the access to the members of the organization and minimize the external agents intrusion risks that can imply a threat.


Brand Protection & Social Media Security

We monitor all the online channels to detect digital and physical threats, we evaluate their real and potential impact, and design action plans covering all the involved areas.


Advanced Penetrations Testing & Vulnerability Management

Detect and analyzes vulnerabilities in the internal network and the external accesses to the organizations’ systems.


Industrial Control Systems Security

Cybersecurity services designed to protect and guarantee the right work of connected Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

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