Entelgy Digital



Transformation is not only about anticipating change.

A big part of success is making the things we want to happen, happen.




Human change management: we have our own model for managing change in behaviour and habits, Mindset Change. Knowledge, experience and skills needed to bring about the change your organisation needs.


We have a global vision on the evolution of digital environments, we can respond to the problems and requirements of today's business.


We rely on new technologies as enablers of change and transformation by providing our customers with tailor-made solutions based on business needs.


Our team is the perfect partner to develop the talent and digital culture that your project needs, and implement the most advanced technological solutions at the service of the business.


We work connecting experience, methodology and technology to connect people with the organization. Aligning the different areas of the company in the same sense and direction.


People. BE Digital

We are specialists in advising organizations on internal Digital Transformation, addressing Culture, Technology, Processes and Talent.

Tech. GO Digital

We drive the transformation of our clients by creating synergies between talent and technology, creating new competitive models.


Quality and environmental policy

Since its foundation, Entelgy's management has been committed to quality policies and respect for the environment, including internationally recognized standards in its models and methodological frameworks. In order to fulfill this commitment, it establishes a Quality and Environmental Management System based on the UNE EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Standards.

Entelgy has a priority objective set out in the policy derived from the strategic plan arising from its Corporate Vision and Mission: to satisfy the needs and expectations of Clients in the provision of professional technical services and in the design, development and maintenance of information systems and to achieve high levels of quality adjusted to the requirements of the Client. The Quality and Environmental Management System controls each of the processes and the significant environmental impacts and also ensures the capacity of the service provided to the Client, as well as the detection of non-conformities and incorporates the necessary means to prevent them from happening again.

The fundamental values that Entelgy promotes as its own in this framework are:

Entelgy is Certified:

In the UNE EN ISO 9001 standard in the Provision of professional technical services in information technologies in the Central Office of Madrid and in Services of design, development and maintenance of information systems in the Centre of Bilbao.

In the standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001 in the Provision of Consulting Services in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications.


This policy, appropriate to our organization, is communicated to staff and understood by them, there is a commitment on their part of involvement and commitment to Quality and Environmental Management.

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