At Entelgy Digital, we provide our clients with a series of tools and own digital developments that help us make this step we need to reach tomorrow.

Thanks to our experience in a wide variety of sectors, we are capable of offering the best digital solutions, that we can specialise according to its particular case of use, to manage and optimise time and resources.


The Firewall Mindset

The Firewall Mindset™, the new model of cybersecurity awareness to strengthen the security of organizations. A model based on the human management of change that focuses on transforming people's behaviour and renewing their habits to make them safer in the face of the increase in cyberattacks.



It is the virtual assistant management platform that allows the coexistence of both types of technicians, the human being and the Artificial Intelligence.  It is the perfect platform to improve the user experience, streamline processes, generate immediate efficiency and optimize the service they offer to their customers.



Remote Expert Assitance is the remote operation and video remote monitoring solution that improves the efficiency of all field operations, allows certification of works and simplifies the management in the valuation of claims giving remote support. REA improves service and customer satisfaction, guaranteeing security and shortening process times.



The SD WAN solution ensures the quality of critical applications on the WAN and optimizes the experience of employees when using them.


Digital WorkPlace

At Entelgy Digital we face business challenges by transforming the traditional way of working of our clients' professionals by acquiring a new culture of digital work, with the aim of acquiring new habits and behaviours that make them more agile, efficient and collaborative.


Liferay Solutions

Customized solution to meet the specific challenges of an organization through a flexible and integrated digital experience platform.



Digital On Boarding is the digital solution for client registration and agile and secure contracting. Using Machine Learning technology for facial recognition, the DiOnBo solution allows to automate the process of onboarding and authentication with total guarantee, including the validation of official documentation in a few seconds.



Helios is Entelgy's solution that allows, in real time, the identification and analysis of people's images captured by video streaming.



Robotic Process Automation, RPA is Entelgy's solution that improves the operational efficiency of business processes.


Data-Driven Marketing

Entelgy provides organizations with the ability to meet the challenges of marketing in the data age. Our experience in the technological and analytical ecosystem positions us as a reliable partner in the evolution towards Data-Driven Marketing.


Digital Architecture

Digital Architecture develops an enterprise API in a regulated and flexible manner, regardless of the degree of maturity of the organization in this environment.


Cloud Infrastructure

Automated Security Operations is our solution for automated management, control and execution of changes in DataCenter and Cloud configuration.


Smart Help

Our proposal to transform the training and change management model for users to increase their productivity.



MyTime is Entelgy's solution for recording the working hours of all professionals in a company, in accordance with current regulations.



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