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t’s important to prepare organisations for change inside and out. Public, private and hybrid Cloud models to respond to the requirements of a scaled production environment and meet the standards for performance, scalability and security. We help companies migrate their work load to the cloud, and administer a hybrid cloud status with multiple suppliers.



This is not just a matter of changing and adapting, but maintaining this change, developing at the pace of the market. Companies have to be more flexible, faster, more efficient. Employees or final users demand unbeatable experience with each application. And new technological trends are causing a migration of numerous applications to the cloud, even virtualising the communications network (SD-WAN).

In this environment, the need to know where, when and how much to invest becomes a critical element in IT department business plans. SD-WAN technology is available for hybrid WAN architectures or services, with improved centralised management, orchestration and administration. More detailed analytics and visibility for all applications.

At Entelgy Digital, we provide SDWAN solutions to cover market needs such as:

  • Applicative Visibility
  • Applicative Control
  • Dynamic WAN selection (Hybrid WAN).
  • Security
  • WAN acceleration (Cloud Acceleration)



LTransition to digital services sets the organisation new challenges. Transition to digital services sets the organisation new challenges.

Automation helps us create a dynamic, highly flexible environment that promotes opening ‘silos’ and revitalising innovation:

  • Accelerating delivery of new applications and services.
  • Reducing the risk of change.
  • Improving productivity and reducing the unit cost of administration.
  • Implementing operational compliance, regarding security and regulations
  • Combining the change and configuration compliance to ensure that all the changes meet security, operating and regulatory policies.
  • Reducing the risk of changes in the data center by eliminating the number one cause of service interruption - handling change badly or wrongly.
  • Increasing the personnel productivity, as this helps share the workload and makes it possible to use cheaper resources to take on more responsibility.
  • Accelerating delivery of new applications and business services by reducing the time to deploy production applications by up to 90%.



Opening up organisations to new, more collaborative and agile models involves a few commitments that we cannot ignore.

Innovation without security is not an option, because reputation and business continuity cannot be exposed. However, with the growing number of applications and environments that have to be administered, it is not possible to control the risk manually.

This explains why, also from the security point of view, an automated focus is required to ensure your business and ensure compliance. The main benefits of the solutions provided by Entelgy Digital are: Compliance with Standards, Patching, Procurement, Configuration, Reports.



Robust architecture allows evolution.

Companies need to offer new products and services that are simpler, more agile and efficient. The digital architecture, along with its appification, is the basis on which to set up this new ecosystem.

Our offer portfolio revolving around the API world: Coaching, Sandbox and Factory, allows us to tackle their implementation in a regulated, flexible way in any organisation, independently of their degree of maturity in this environment.



Transformation is successful when we are capable of bringing an idea to life.

At Entelgy Digital, we help organisations develop tools, solutions and digital products that boost their business. Custom-built solutions that help to create added value for our clients’ business, agilely, scalably and powerfully. Developments made from the DevOps model that allow us to make the solutions’ development cycle more efficient.


Optimising daily work is a challenge that helps us make progress

Automation is based on RPA models and provides a solution focussing on the use of software that replicates an employee’s activity on their desktop, processing complex activity with rule-based structured data, just as a person would.


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

The digitalisation era not only affects how we live but how companies do business. Leaders understand that data mining gives a great competitive advantage, so we work together on the process of discovering hidden information within increasingly larger quantities of data. We have a cloud solution to get fast insights (Cortex platform) that make it easier to transform into a ‘data-driven’ organisation, by providing Big Data and advanced Analytics solutions.

As experts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we provide solutions and models for many cases of use in different sectors, implementing AI solutions in image, video, audio, PLN, etc.

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