To help accelerate the change and transformation of our clients, Entelgy ConsultingTech applies agile methodologies that together with our experience in ECM (Enterprise Content Management) projects accelerates the implementation of solutions:



FIDES, is a system of identification and validation of personal data remotely and online. It makes it possible to identify people unequivocally and their relevant information for all those transactions that are to be carried out and that must comply with the different regulations established for compliance with the law.




BoarTech Meeting is a solution for the generation, call, management and execution of business meetings. It is based on the features of OpenText, the world's leading document management system for enterprise content management



Digital Signature

Entelgy's Digital Signature solution makes it easy for organizations to obtain evidence of a remote signature operation in a secure manner. Legal compliance, with total guarantee.



Fast Invoice

SAP Invoice Management is a solution for optimizing Accounts Payable. It manages the entire cycle of A/P invoices from receipt to posting. With SAP Invoice Management you eliminate manual processing, shorten the payment cycle by having control over your invoices from start to finish.




eEmployeeFolder is a preconfigured solution that allows easy, single-view access to SAP HCM data and documents. The solution is based on SAP® Document Access by OpenText and includes Entelgy Consultingtech's customization/configuration services.


Real Estate

Enterprise solution for managing real estate documentation (SAP) using xECM for SAP 16.2



Esker On-Demand

Entelgy and Esker have signed an agreement for the incorporation of the Esker On-Demand Solution into the ecosystem of solutions of the IR4dt model driven by Entelgy, in the area of document flow automation associated with customer and supplier relations.



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