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Tomorrow is about being more efficient

Anticipating the future and the challenges ahead is important, but improving the efficiency of our business today is critical. 

Addressing tomorrow's challenges means improving what we do today. And much of what we do has to do with the use of the information we have. Today data is a competitive value.

Our ability to handle it at the right speed will largely determine our competitive capabilities.

That's why at Entelgy ConsultingTech we not only work to prepare companies for new competitive challenges, but also to improve their efficiency in their usual activity, thanks to technological solutions that help them manage the information they have in a more effective and intelligent way.






IR4dt, Information Ready for digital transformation


In this new era where information is the most valuable currency, managing information efficiently, intelligently and in a way that adds value to organisations is one of the key components of business success.


Enfoque Entelgy para la Transformación de la Información en ValorEntelgy's Approach to Transforming Information into Value


At Entelgy we have developed IR4dt (Information ready for digital transformation), an information management model focused on optimising the processing of data so that the information obtained from it adds value to management as a whole.

IR4dt helps to establish the information governance strategy within organisations through a journey through the model. This journey explores the different steps to convert data into information and information into value, supported by an ecosystem of technological solutions that optimise each of the steps in the information management process, universalise access to it, increase user satisfaction, generate faster and simpler dynamics in its processing and optimise the overall productivity of the organisation.




Esker On-Demand, Document Process Automation in the Cloud


Entelgy and Esker have signed an agreement for the incorporation of the Esker On-Demand Solution into the ecosystem of solutions of the IR4dt model promoted by Entelgy, in the automation of document flows associated with the relationship with customers and suppliers.



The management of the flow of customer sales orders received by the commercial area, as well as the orders issued by the purchasing department to the company's suppliers, are key processes in the operation of what is known as the Cash Conversion Cycle.

Esker On-Demand is the most complete and reliable platform on the market for the automated processing of all types of financial documents and includes Esker applications for the automated control of all documents associated with a company's Order-to-Cash (O2C) customer relationship and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) supplier relationship processes.




Fast Invoice


At Entelgy ConsultingTech we work to help our clients accelerate their transformation at all levels. Not only in information processing.

In today's demanding world, companies need to reduce their operating costs to improve their competitiveness, and this sometimes leads us to look for more efficient and simpler ways of approaching the management of our financial resources.

To this end, we provide our clients with the rapid implementation solution on SAP IM by Opentext, which allows us to provide financial departments with a flexible, simple and efficient tool that helps us to obtain:

  • Savings from day one of supplier invoice management.
  • Increase understanding and control of invoices under the legal regulatory framework.
  • Reduce errors by automating the process.
  • Integrate OpenText Certified Scanning tools.

An efficient and rapid way to address technology transformation at those levels that have the greatest impact on our business results and resource management.




Change to the speed we need


To help accelerate our clients’ change and transformation, at Entelgy ConsultingTech we apply agile methodologies plus our own experience in ECM projects (Enterprise Content Management) to accelerate solution implementation:

It makes the most of our experience in VIM projects (Vendor Invoicing Management).

It focuses on fast-implementation business solutions.

Use of our main partners’ technology (SAP, OT, ESKER).

Agile methodology based on best practices (Scrum, SAP Activate, Trébol)


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