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Tomorrow is about being more efficient

Anticipating the future and the challenges ahead is important, but improving the efficiency of our business today is critical. 

Addressing tomorrow's challenges means improving what we do today. And much of what we do has to do with the use of the information we have. Today data is a competitive value.

Our ability to handle it at the right speed will largely determine our competitive capabilities.

That's why at Entelgy ConsultingTech we not only work to prepare companies for new competitive challenges, but also to improve their efficiency in their usual activity, thanks to technological solutions that help them manage the information they have in a more effective and intelligent way.






IR4dt, Information Ready for digital transformation


In this new era, information is the new currency and we focus on processing it efficiently and intelligently and so help it add value to organisations.

At Entelgy ConsultingTech, we have developed an information management system to improve companies’ digital transformation processes.

IR4dt is Entelgy’s solution help us outline a clear strategy regarding information governance, to turn it into a high value commodity.

An ecosystem of solutions that focuses on all parts of the information management process. From reception, processing, output and protection.

Our solutions for information digitalisation can be grouped into:


Information Strategy:

Aspiring to a zero paper future, we set the appropriate strategy to tackle the organisation’s information management on the path to a digital tomorrow.

Digital Inbox:

It is very important to define how we process the information we are digitalising. Digital Inbox is an information acquisition system that helps us improve its processing.

Content in Context:

Information without context is just data, so we have developed a solution that helps you understand and set an information management dynamic within your organisation. We help integrate different processes all across the company.

User Experience:

If information cannot be used simply by people, it has no value. This is why it is so important to set up people-centred systems focussing on UX/UI.

This improves productivity, make access to information universal, increases user satisfaction and generates faster, simpler dynamics for end users.

Digital Outbox:

Information is a powerful asset but it has to be stripped down and processed to get the most out of it. How the information is collected is just as important as how it is displayed or projected.

With Digital Outbox, we define the information’s output channels to optimise the information presentation system and define chosen formats, plus required validations.

Website, Mobile, ATM, Print Media, Newsletter, Social Media…


It is important to control information growth within applications to be able to maximise its usefulness. Understanding the right archiving systems for the information’s processes and use is vital to construct high-value solutions.

Recovery and consultation methods that help us give value to the stored information.


The greatest efficiency is revealed by the capability to compile all the data stored anywhere in our company.

Decommissioning applications allows us to centralise the company’s historical information, trapped in different applications, into a single common source of knowledge where organisations can keep information, reduce costs, optimise data and transform the use and meaning that we give to stored and integrated information.



Fast Invoice


At Entelgy ConsultingTech, we work to help our clients accelerate their transformation at all levels. Not only in information processing.

In such a demanding world as ours, companies need to reduce their operating costs to become more competitive and sometimes this leads us to seek out more efficient and simpler ways of managing our financial resources.

To do this, we provide our clients with the fast implementation solution on SAP IM by Opentext that equips financial departments with an agile, simple and efficient tool that helps us:

  • Make savings from the first day of managing supplier invoices
  • Increase understanding and control of invoices under the standard legal framework
  • Reduce errors by automating the process
  • Incorporate Certified Digitalisation tools by OpenText




People Management


Organisations’ transformation process involves efficient and intelligent management of its employees. A more agile and efficient way for Human Resources to process information will allow us to make progress towards competitive change.

At Entelgy ConsultingTech, we have developed People Management, This tool offers Human Resources departments a complete solution based on well-known manufacturer’s technology (SAP), where all the employee information is digitalised and immediately available and integrated, making processes and activities in the department easier and faster.

With just one click, you have access to all your employees’ information and all the linked documents in an organized, smart folder system, based on SAP Document Access technology by OpenText.

An efficient and fast way to approach technological transformation at those levels that have the greatest impact on our business results and on the management of our resources.



Change to the speed we need


To help accelerate our clients’ change and transformation, at Entelgy ConsultingTech we apply agile methodologies plus our own experience in ECM projects (Enterprise Content Management) to accelerate solution implementation:

It makes the most of our experience in VIM projects (Vendor Invoicing Management).

It focuses on fast-implementation business solutions.

Use of our main partners’ technology (SAP, OT, ESKER).

Agile methodology based on best practices (Scrum, SAP Activate, Trébol)



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