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People and companies have been changing all their lives, wondering how and when. The only thing that is different today is the speed at which we ask it and, above all, the speed at which we have to approach it.


Accelerating the change. Fast

We are The BusinessTech Consultancy, a global transformation accelerator for those who need to remain competitive in a fast-changing world.Inspiring and bringing new solutions to the teams we co-create and work with. Helping to adopt and operate the new technologies that drive their challenges, accompanying them in their change, and cyber-protecting their assets.

We work daily to achieve tomorrow's opportunities at the speed we need today, creating a better future for all.

With a global vision. Present in 8 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, MexicoPeru and USA which allows us to give the same response to the same business challenge, in a global way.







Solutions and Services:


Entelgy: chain value

In Entelgy we work to provide maximum value to our customers in the discovery, adoption, consolidation and maintenance of new technologies that drive their business, always cyberprotected.

In order to offer complete and integrated solutions, at Entelgy we work in 4 divisions:

Inspiring the change

Innovation, consulting and technology as a business enabler. In today's demanding world, companies need inspiration: we work to help our clients accelerate their transformation at all levels.



Transforming the change

We facilitate the process of transformation and change in organizations through people and technology. We drive our clients, turning their talent into the engine of change, at the speed they need to remain competitive and meet all their business challenges. 


Keeping the change 

In transformation processes, change becomes a commitment that we must maintain over time to make things happen. A path that can become blurred if we do not put the necessary means and efforts. From Entelgy we put all our talent, experience and technology to make things happen.


Protecting the change

The transformation of our society, and the increasingly connected future, are leading us to address new challenges hitherto unknown. The security of our clients is one of the fundamental pillars of business transformation. Entelgy Innotec Security provides the solutions and intelligence needed to prevent and protect our businesses from cyber-attacks and security breaches.



Qualified professionals

+100 M €

Added value



Global Vision

Any challenge, any place


*Figures at group level 2022



Entelgy: we are differential

Based on people and with a business model of sustained development in the long term, Entelgy has an offer of high value and great recognition in the market thanks to the excellent work of our more than 1.900 qualified professionals and our more than 300 clients who have accompanied us to date, globally, all over the world.

Our culture of practical innovation encourages us to respond to tomorrow's challenges at the speed required by "today". For this we have the best and most excellent talent.

In order to offer the greatest value to our clients, at Entelgy we work under principles that make us what we are:


Inspirers & Proactives

Always looking for tomorrow, anticipating future needs. Our Sinapsis Innovation area makes our vision of "providing" more value through innovation a reality, using the company's technological capabilities and generating solutions that respond to today's business challenges. Our global presence on several continents provides us with a vision that allows us to anticipate the world's new challenges.

Close & Committed

Committed to our clients and our talent. With a global presence we want to provide our clients with synergies, inspiration and multidisciplinary teams to face any challenge, anywhere.

Agile & Dynamic

We like to make things happen, and happen fast, adapting to a changing reality. We develop alliances and agreements with innovative organizations, because we believe in collaboration, co-creation and evolution by the best specialists in each of their areas. That is why we work every day to expand our strategic alliances with the most important actors.

Experts & Efficients

Excellence by flag. Since its beginnings, Entelgy has been committed to including internationally recognized standards in its models and methodological frameworks. We are one of the national leaders that has this set of models simultaneously.

All this working relentlessly to facilitate and accelerate the change of our customers at the speed they need to meet their business challenges of tomorrow, today.


Accelerating the Change.Fast



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