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Video-identification by biometry

Helios is Entelgy's solution that allows, in real time, the identification and analysis of people's images captured by video streaming.

Through the image of the cameras installed in an enclosure, Helios identifies and validates the identity of each of the people who enter and leave, also performing the count.

Helios is ideal for access control at large events (sports, shows...). It registers the access of entrances and exits, identifying the accredited persons who have been previously incorporated in the BBDD. 

Simplifies and speeds up access controls by identifying one or more people in real time without the need for lathes or PDA-based controls


Helios increases the security of access controls in a venue by providing information about authorized persons and counting.


       Video streaming analysis



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Miguel Ángel Villacañas

Head of Digital Architecture & Devs

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