Smart Workplace / CAU


Smart Workplace / CAU

We improve the user experience in their relationship with the Help Desk by providing efficiency in the operation and enhancing their capabilities in a digitised, remote and collaborative environment.


Performance Services

We improve user service processes based on internationally recognised standards and emerging technologies. Adjustment of processes and workflows, evolution of tools or incorporation of new platforms, analysis of KPIs/SLAs. The result is customer services with greater operational efficiency and perceived quality

Digital Workplace

We evolve the workplace to enhance the user's capabilities in digital and collaborative environments, making their day-to-day life more productive. Unified communications, collaborative environments, knowledge management, virtual help agents, cloud tools, cybersecurity, all adapted to the needs of each work environment

Help Desk

We transform traditional user services into services adapted to digital environments. We incorporate virtual agents and natural language analysers to which we incorporate artificial intelligence to evolve the quality perceived by the user to the highest levels. We incorporate self-service environments to optimise operating costs, improve flexibility to cope with peaks of activity and reduce service times. And all this, with a Customer Centric approach to improve the user experience with the customer service

Data Driven

As a model to improve the predictive capacity of the service, make it more efficient and improve perceived quality. Repetitive or massive incidents, periodic trends, events that provoke incidents, all of these can be monitored and analysed and allow us to anticipate. The objective is to reduce the number of Help Desk tickets and the user experience


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