We drive business competitiveness by transforming applications, intelligently using emerging technologies and applying Agile models.


Strategy Consulting

We improve the productive capacity of application development environments by transforming traditional models into high-productivity environments based on emerging technologies and Agile models

Agile Transformation

We make the adoption of the Agile mindset and the benefits of its application a reality from a practical approach. Through our BizApp services, we extend the Agile model and its use in projects and services already underway, accompanying and forming part of the production teams to facilitate its effective implementation

Management Office

We ensure that business challenges are met, implementing governance and monitoring models to ensure commitments are met. We improve demand management to establish prioritisation and media allocation models that guarantee the best alignment between business needs and production capacity. We propose the best tools for tracking and monitoring milestones in the launch of new initiatives and application development. And all this, providing the Agile mindset to improve flexibility in the face of possible changes and to focus on deliveries. In short, we boost the competitiveness of the business

Dev Services

Time to Market pressures, ever-shortening cycles for new product development, optimising the cost of production ownership, and self-service Cloud infrastructures are some of the recurring business needs of organisations that are vital to maintain the existing high level of competitiveness. We design our Dev Services to transform traditional models into high performance models to meet business needs and challenges. Evolution to DevOps, RPA automation, intelligent architectures, API development and the Agile mindset are some of the levers to achieve this.

QA Testing Services

New technologies and Agile models make it possible to speed up the launch of new business initiatives. But they fail if they do not provide high quality. Today's application users are demanding and require applications with high performance but also without failures. We provide tools, models and, above all, the talent of our professionals to ensure that applications drive business



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