Red Team. Advanced Intrusion Service

Red Team. Advanced Intrusion Service

With the Red Team service we put ourselves in the attacker´s shoes in order to identify the vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise your organization’s assets.

Our team of experts performs simulations of real attacks based on the vulnerable domains: digital, physical and human.

Current need

  • Organizations do not know the grade of exposure and real risk to all types of attack.
  • Current security checks are not as effective as they should be.
  • Organizations ignore their real capability to detect and respond to incidents.

“Know your enemy and know yourself” (Sun Tzu)



  Differences with other intrusion services:    Benefits for the client:


Preparation and defence against targeted attacks and real threats
By applying the techniques, tactics, and intrusion procedures (TTPs) used by the attackers, we design combined attack scenarios and vectors to test the real impact of a targeted attack and test the detection and response capabilities.

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Enrique Domínguez

Strategy Director Security

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