Red Team

Advanced Intrusion

With our Red Team service you will be able to test your offensive cybersecurity capabilities.

Do you know the level of exposure your company faces, the real risk of attacks your organisation faces, and your company's ability to detect and respond to incidents?

Entelgy Innotec Security's Red Team puts itself in the mind of the cyber-attacker to identify vulnerabilities that could compromise your company's assets.

Also from our Red Team service, we carry out all types of tests, depending on the maturity index of the organisation and without neglecting any of the vulnerable areas: digital, physical and human.



We use digital, physical and human means to test and evaluate the level of security of a given asset, demonstrating the degree of vulnerabilities that the infrastructure possesses, while analysing the consequences and risks of illegal access.


TIBER Exercises

Through a real simulation, we identify the level of exposure and risk, as well as the level of global security and the level of prevention and protection against hybrid threats.


Atomic & Purple Team

With the Atomic & Purple Team our service takes the simulation of targeted attacks one step further. Its activity is based on 24/7/365 results, automation of all tests, simulation of cyber-attacks, etc.


Private Bug Bounty

This service identifies your company's target assets. A group of experts focuses on finding any critical or very critical vulnerabilities within them.

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Enrique Domínguez

Strategy Director Security

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