Blue Team


Blue Team

Detección de Amenazas

With our Blue Team we detect your threats, with the aim of anticipating a possible attack.

Is your organization able to detect if it has suffered an attack, and does it have the necessary protection against the high probability of a cyber attack?

Our Blue Team combines intelligence and technology, enabling us to provide effective cyber security services and solutions against the threats that can compromise the security of your organization.

We have market-leading technology and more than 50 tools developed by our R&D team. We also have a team with the most relevant national and international certifications related to cybersecurity.


Detection & Response

We have a Detection & Response team with which we protect and monitor information systems against threats in real time. The objective is to safeguard both a company's internal information and that of its customers.


Digital Risk Protection

We monitor the internet through information obtained from public sources (OSINT), private sources, forums, social networks, media and other resources that pose a risk to the organization.


Infraestructure Security

Our Infraestructure Security team works to implement a precise security architecture. We offer technical consultancy on perimeter protection platforms, endpoints, databases and/or systems.

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Enrique Domínguez

Strategy Director Security

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