Expert in cybersecurity, hacking, protection and defense


Expert in cybersecurity, hacking, protection and defense

Entelgy Innotec Security, a leading company in cybersecurity in Spain, and Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual have developed the cybersecurity course based on dual or alternate training.

The objective is to train professionals who start their careers from the base, where there is a clear lack of technicians, in order to progress in the future through the learning of new skills.

To this end, the collaboration of three professional training centres in the Community of Madrid has been essential: Gredos San Diego Buitrago, José Ramón Otero and Padre Piquer, whose students in the advanced degree courses in Intelligent Systems and Network Administration (ASIR) will acquire additional training in cybersecurity and will reinforce what they have learned in systems and networks.

Entelgy Innotec Security has carried out an analysis and adaptation of the technical content of the programme with the aim of adapting the skills that students will acquire to the needs of the market. For its part, Bankia's Cybersecurity Department has collaborated by indicating the reinforcement of specific areas and contents. The result is an intensive and extensive training in cybersecurity, network security, legal issues, ethical hacking or protection and detection architectures.

Fundación Dualiza Bankia

Intensive and
extensive training

+ 100 hours of face-to-face learning
and 50 hours of online training.

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