II National Meeting of Red Team


II National Meeting about Red Team

II National Meeting about Red Team

Considering the current scenario,in which there is a significant increase in the number of threat agents and the speed in which they evolve, attacking every type of organization, there is an evident need for every company, whatever its size is, to thoroughly test and evaluate its protection systems, and to do it on a regular basis. For this reason, it is essential to have Red Team teams that measure the defense capacity of the organizations so that they can get to know their maturity index.

After the success of their first edition last year, Entelgy innotec Security and Bankia, will present the II National Meeting about Red Team, that will be held the 6th of November at the auditorium of the Bankia Tower in Madrid.

The event aims to be an unique space for experts in cybersecurity to show attendees how to have good practices in cybersecurity and share knowledge and experiences on organizational aspects, operating models and success stories of Red Team.

The event will address new attack vectors, along with the latest developments in techniques of persistence, escalation of privileges, exfiltration ... etc.. There will also be improvements in service processes and methodology evolution, as well as the detection of defense equipment and specific tools to automate/optimize results.

In addition, throughout the day they will share the execution of attacks and the evaluation of the performance of the defense and response lines to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each organization, and take the necessary measures to enable them to be prepared for real incidents.

With limited capacity, those interested can request their assistance through the form enabled (that will be available soon) for the occasion.

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