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Entelgy Innotec Security, is an Amazon Web Services partner, which provides managed security services to organisations, such as Admiral in Europe ("Admiral"), that have AWS cloud infrastructures. Over the past three years, the cybersecurity company has been adapting to the company's needs and has provided managed security services, monitoring, detection and response to cyber incidents, as well as other services related to the integration, deployment and maintenance of technological solutions and the implementation of secure remote connections.

The challenge: enhancing cloud security and risk management

Admiral, with a large part of its infrastructure deployed on the Amazon Web Services cloud, wanted a technology partner with great cloud knowledge and extensive experience in cybersecurity services managed on a hybrid architecture. 

The company operates in a highly regulated market and had to consider the EIOPA guidelines and the recently approved European regulation -DORA when looking for a partner that met its requirements. 

Entelgy Innotec Security, being an AWS partner, met these conditions. It had the necessary characteristics to deal with distributed services both on AWS and in a private Data Processing Centre (DPC). It also had to implement various security solutions in Admiral's infrastructure, but keep the core of the project 100 per cent in the cloud, as required by the client. 

Admiral wanted an incident detection and response service through a Security Operations Centre to monitor its entire infrastructure (AWS and On-premises), and support to enhance the data correlation layer of activity happening in the cloud. 

Admiral also required a partner that had the capability to maintain and deploy cyber security solutions for its network and end users. More specifically, it had other needs, such as empowering colleagues to connect remotely and securely as the business moved to hybrid working.

Addressing the challenge: evolution and return on investment

Addressing the challenge has meant an objective improvement in the protection of the Group's systems and assets in Europe. This has been achieved by working in alignment with its AWS cloud strategy and with a provider that understands how AWS cloud services and infrastructure work. The evolution has been evidenced by the improvement of its cloud security posture, the implementation of new security solutions and their management, improved security monitoring coverage and other indicators.

The solutions: Native services and cybersecurity plan

Several AWS native services have been used to meet Admiral’s range of requirements including: AWS KMS, AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Secret Store, AWS CloudHSM. In addition to these services, Entelgy Innotec Security has implemented other third-party solutions and its monitoring service on the AWS Cloud.

The cybersecurity company has provided support to Admiral by collaborating in the design of a three-year cybersecurity plan and accompanying its implementation, which had to meet certain minimum requirements. Among them: a secure remote connection solution and another to filter internet traffic, guaranteeing the security of access both inside and outside the organisation. All this was achieved by using consoles from the cloud, with automated deployments, and certifying the security of the machines on the AWS platform.

More solutions: VPN + EDR connection

A secure remote connection colleagues was achieved by implementing a VPN on the AWS infrastructure. This was complemented by the implementation of an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), a protection system that combines real-time monitoring and data analysis with automated response. The cybersecurity company's professionals were committed to securing the connection, access and also the client's equipment and servers on AWS.

A solution has been used throughout the EDR deployment, support, maintenance and administration process to automate these processes. This solution allows for rapid deployment in the cloud infrastructure.

In addition, Entelgy Innotec Security has also deployed a public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate solution within AWS, as well as identity management services, etc.

The security assessment was conducted using the NIST framework, a framework that helps companies understand, manage and mitigate their risks to protect their infrastructure through a common language and set of best practices in cybersecurity.

The result: intangible benefits and reduced costs.

Over several years of working together, Entelgy Innotec Security has become Admiral's strategic partner for its cloud security. It is also the guarantor of its cybersecurity and of Admiral's firewalls (tools to control access to the network and its elements) and Endpoint on the AWS infrastructure.

Admiral has gained a secure remote connectivity solution and has been able to monitor the status of its endpoints. It has also gained more effective control over all internet communication on its infrastructure, as well as improved efficiency of the remote connectivity solution and improved security by centralising the solution in the AWS cloud. Its main DPC is now the AWS cloud.

Admiral operates from different countries, so it is changing its technology and infrastructure to have more unified and integrated services. To this end, the cybersecurity support provided by Entelgy Innotec Security has been very useful.  In the process, it has obtained other intangible benefits such as: proximity, rapid response, flexibility, as well as a partner in whom it can trust and who acts with agility and with whom it can maintain fluid communication.

About Entelgy Innotec Security

Leading cybersecurity services company in Spain and Latin America. It provides services to important IBEX 35 companies and organisations such as NATO, the UN, OAS, CCN/CNI and INCIBE. It is a Advanced level partner in the Services Path of Amazon Web Services and is Public Sector authorised.

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