Research and Development projects are business projects for the creation and significant improvement of a productive process, product or service presented by a single company or a business group.

The Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) has financed the following projects.

NIRYARA (IDI – 20150344)

The object of the Niryara project consists in the development of a tool for the automatic detection and analysis of malware not based on signatures. The tool allows tasks that were performed manually by analysts to be automated. This makes their work easier and allows them to focus on analysing the information provided by the tool.

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AWTD (IDI-20150031)

AWTD (Advanced Web Threats Detection) is a new cyber security Cloud solution that permits organisations to add another level of protection against online fraudulent events, monitoring for website attacks, brand and reputation protection, user information infected by malware, and the detection of profiles used abnormally in our web services.

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VALKIRIA (IDI-20140320)

VALKIRIA has been designed to cover the need of all major companies for a Security Control Panel based on the best practices of the market.

VALKIRIA provides level-stratified Control Panels, using the company’s business processes. This tool may be used to generate Control Panels that allow the security levels for different business areas to be determined.

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@VIGILIA (IDI-20140321)

The general objective of the “@VIGILIA Project” consists in providing an interactive support portal for the resolution of incidents, offering solutions for Citizens’ and Companies’ (normally SMEs) Security incidents. This portal provides a specialised Security service for everyone, especially private citizens and SMEs that do not have the knowledge or resources to deal with Security incidents.

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