At Entelgy each person counts

Entelgy´s fundamental value  resides in its team of some 1500 professionals, with cutting-edge knowledge and experience in the key areas of the company, thus creating a true model of a “new company with expert Professionals”.

For this reason, since the company first began, we have invested to the maximum in hiring the best professionals and improving their skills.

Entelgy Strategic Skills Profile

The definition of the  Entelgy Profile is an essential part of our Plan. When we select our professionals, we perform rigorous checks to assure that they fit the  Entelgy Profile, which is based on the following strategic skills:

  • 1. Entusiasmo
  • 2. Orientación al logro
  • 3. Innovación
  • 4. Trabajo en equipo
  • 5. Orientación al Cliente
  • 6. Integridad

Entelgy Strategic Skills Attitude

The attitude of our professionals is a key requirement in our selection process. This is the  Entelgy Attitude that we look for in our professionals:

  1. Enthusiasm: Motivation and Positivity
  2. Talent: What sets people apart
  3. Integrity: Coherence, Commitment and Trust.
  4. Differentiation: Innovation for leadership.
  5. Customer Orientated: Providing maximum value.
  6. Shared success: Achieving objectives together.

Skills Management Model

Each position has three blocks of associated skills: Strategic, Technical and Functional. Entelgy is committed to people’s professional and personal development. We support them, train them and offer advice for  continuous improvement.