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Digital OnBoarding

DiOnBo (Digital OnBoarding) is the digital solution for registering clients and agile, secure contracting. By means of biometric facial recognition techniques, the DiOnBo solution can automate the ‘onboarding’ and authentication process with full guarantees, including official documentation validation in just a few seconds.

DiOnBo was born as an idea to attract potential customers without going to an office. Its applications are endless. You only need a smartphone or a laptop with a camera, without having to download any application.





   This is how DiOnBo works



  DiOnBo Applications

The advantages are enormous. The union of Machine Learning with biometric recognition systems will be a huge step in technological evolution. The low costs, the reduction of expenses and an increase in the objectives of each business will facilitate an exponential growth of biometrics as a basic tool in companies.

DiOnBo's quality of service, for example, focuses on absolute security. The recognition and accuracy of this service is enormously high, almost more than that which can be done in an office with the current means. The aspects that DiOnBo analyses and validates (and the detail with which it does so) could escape the human eye: exact colour, recognition algorithms, holographic marks, fraud strategies, etc.

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Miguel Ángel Villacañas

Head D. Architecture & Devs

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