IT Governance

Entelgy has been a pioneer in Spain in PPM & IT Governance. As a result, we have resources and practical collaboration experience in relevant projects. Our range of PPM & IT Governance services and products allow organisations in the process of transformation to homogenise their IT Governance processes.
Entelgy has been a pioneer in Spain in IT Governance and Management.


  • Management of Business/IT unified demand
  • Management of Project/Services portfolio
  • Appliance Performance Management (APM)
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • BI & Analytics advanced reporting


  • Consulting for the definition of processes related to the management of demand, projects, services and applications.
  • Implementation of Governance models, PMO and PPM, APM and BI&A support tools.
  • PPM/APM maintenance and support
  • Change Management
PPM IT Governance - área de especialización Entelgy
Client benefits:

  • Business and IT unified demand register
  • More rigorous prioritisation, dimensioning and budgeting
  • 360º visibility for projects, services and applications
  • Capacity planning
  • Project and application rationalisation