Entelgy tveo

Caja_Entelgy_tveo“According to the latest surveys, 40% of the population watches television with a mobile device beside them. And if we could interact with the television via that device? Now it’s possible”

With this idea as an objective, Entelgy decided that now was the perfect time to drive the development of a platform that, in addition to communication, facilitates interaction between the television broadcaster and the viewer. An attempt to enrich the audiovisual experience via content and options which are additional to those being broadcast, providing said interactivity with the capability of exploring subjects with detailed, expanded information: participating in contests, knowing the opinion of other viewers via social networks, playing, making purchases etc. In short, encouraging further knowledge of the TV program and engaging the emotions of the viewer. This concept is called “second screen” and the solution developed by Entelgy is called tveo©.

Project objectives and scope

The scope of application of  tveo© is much more than just accompanying a television transmission. tveo© is a platform that makes users participants in the events that they are watching. This tool assist you when you buy in department stores, identifying the user when they enter the store. In addition, it informs the user about any offers and promotions and offers them advice.  tveo© also allows you to “see the radio”. By means of techniques for the synchronisation of the audio signal it provides visual information to the listener via the mobile device and allows them to enjoy a completely new and hitherto unseen experience. This platform assists the user in a wide range of purchasing or booking situations, whether for cruises, purchases in petrol stations, visits to car showrooms etc. tveo© includes an additional device that enhances the knowledge and experience of the user, whilst also being entertaining and fun.

The specific services that tveo© offers users are:

  • Expanding the broadcast content with details that complement the information being broadcast.
  • Determining acceptance and measuring the audience for a specific program or television advertisement. It is important to note that 70% of viewers in Spain use a second screen, for different purposes, whilst they watch TV.
  • Participating in surveys, contests and games by which one interacts with the television broadcast.
  • Buying: tveo© transforms the desire generated when the user sees something attractive, whether material (the clothes worn by a television idol, devices or accessories) or digital (music or video) into a real buying option in the simplest and safest fashion.
  • Providing interactivity for the spectator which redefines the experience of the spectator in front of the television screen, extending it into other areas.
  • Covering the information of new areas of interest, ranging from the retransmission of sporting, cultural and musical events etc… complementing this with an additional broadcast which is shown on a tablet or smartphone. The contents of informative or entertainment programs may also be extended.
  • Sharing and knowing the opinion and experience of other spectators via social networks.
  • Personalising interaction to the maximum with a message of any type that can be shown on screen. Thus the user’s knowledge is expanded by engaging their emotions.