The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, has financed the following projects as part of the 2013-2016 Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research Plan in the framework of the Economy and Society Strategic Initiative.

SLIBE: Media Intermediation Platfrom

SLIBE is a cloud-based solution that provides a tool for the planning and optimisation of field agents’ tasks. It allows for the inclusion of  information of any type of device within the assignment rules, with a mobile application that geolocates agents and facilitates the work to be performed.

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MobiMarket is a platform designed to simplify buying processes for end users in department stores, optimising the budget for the purchase to the maximum. For this purpose, mobile applications shall have the following functionality: localisation of department stores using standard maps; guides for the inside of the stores; recording of a shopping list for the user; identification of prices via barcodes; calculation of the cost of the purchase using the shopping list; comparison of the prices for the entered articles with respect to the Private label products of the store; notifications of promotions and discounts depending on the client’s location in the shop, etc.

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Part of the 2008-2022 National Plan for Research, Scientific Development and Technological Innovation, in the framework of the Plan Avanza2 strategy.


The PHOENIX project focuses on the building of a platform for the rapid development of multi-channel applications which are critical for supporting any business process in any company, based on the latest technological advances (RIA and SOA). It includes development research based on parametrisation for the generation of applications which can be adapted to the user experience, location or communications channel.

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CLOUD SEVI (TSI-020604-2012-18)

Cloud SEVI is an experimental development for security services in the cloud, based on the analysis of deficiencies in applications and servers which companies can access to check the security status of their externally-accessible systems and applications or internal networks. It has modules specifically designed to check the security of applications that use Spanish citizens’ electronic IDs.

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