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Work safely from home

With our Cloud VPN solution you can securely deploy a virtual private network in the cloud in record time.

We provide you with the most qualified technicians and the latest technology so that your team has all the necessary tools to work remotely.

Your office in the cloud.
Secure, flexible and immediate.

Current need

  • Secure and easy access to all your organization's resources from anywhere.
  • Immediate and uninterrupted access for all professionals.
  • Maintain security levels against cyber attacks.
  • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of information.
VPN Cloud, Trabaja desde la Nube

Wherever you are, with no additional infrastructure, immediately and with the best protection and security measures.

VPN Cloud

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Our solution is developed through virtual encrypted tunnels, point to point, over the Internet. In this way, users, after two-factor authentication, can securely access their private network and all corporate applications, both public and restricted.

Thanks to our SmartSOC, one of the most developed Advanced Security Operations Centers worldwide, we offer you a 24x7 service in security monitoring and Blue Team detecting and managing possible incidents.

In addition, we manage the configuration of portals, rules and routes by making our support team available to you.

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