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Enterprise solution for managing real estate documentation (SAP) using xECM for SAP 16.2

Business management, processes, data and information is carried out from SAP. SAP is the ERP that manages everything related to RE-FX objects, however, what about the documentation or files related to these objects? This documentation is usually in a network folder or even in SAP itself (SAP DMS). This is often a disadvantage when it comes to efficient and productive documentation management. Information management requires a number of features that SAP does not fully cover.

To work with documents these are the main points to be managed:

  • Audit
  • VersionS
  • Permits
  • Organization
  • Visualization
  • Content types/formats
  • Metadata/Attributes


Flexible Real Estate Management in SAP

It is mainly managed by means of the object real estate contract in which it is specified:

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