Digital Signature


Digital Signature

LegalTech. Legal evidence

Entelgy's Digital Signature solution makes it easy for organizations to obtain evidence of a remote signature operation in a secure manner. Legal compliance, with total guarantee.

Now business and opportunity are running at high speed and it must be the highway that allows it. Legal and formal processes must be quick, simple and also safe.*

The Digital Signature solution provides a help to your business to sell more.

50 FREE signatures per year

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Anywhere, with any device. 

Remote signature from: mobile, PC, tablet, web, APP. 

All technology options:

  • Certified signature
  • Advanced signature
  • Biometric signature
  • Voice signature
  • Facial biometrics
  • Proof of life
  • And more...

Also with blockchain technology that allows all the information to be unalterable, guaranteeing absolute traceability, security and immediacy.

Contribution to the business:

Hiring, ordering... faster

and 100% digital 

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