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With the firm intention of making technology boost our clients’ business, at Entelgy ConsultingTech we have created a co-creation and innovation space. A meeting point where companies, solutions and professionals work and come together to develop solutions that make an impact on business.


 A space built on 6 pillars:


  • USER-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS:  The Sinapsis solution base focuses on “As a Service” models to make it easier to integrate complex technology and meet your company’s cultural challenges.
  • BUSINESS-ORIENTED SOLUTIONS: For us, innovation is driven by seeking the best technology-based solution to meet a business challenge, with a competitive outlook.
  • INTEGRATING SOLUTIONS: Working together makes us stronger. So at Sinapsis, we are setting up a space where technology and skills from the best companies come together to jointly develop responses to business challenges, creating ecosystems.
  • AGILE SOLUTIONS: We’re not just interested in adapting to tomorrow, but doing this as fast as possible. This explains why we work with our own Sinapsis© methodology (to develop high value disruptive solutions, based on Open Innovation, Agile-SCRUM and Lean Start-up) that helps us to identify, develop and launch new solutions with members, businesses and partners, and coordinate their development with chosen start-ups, launching them properly on the market.
  • VALUE SOLUTIONS AND ECOSYSTEMS: It is not only important to find the solution but to create the right ecosystem for solutions to work. At Sinapsis, we create a value ecosystem made up of technological companies, business start-ups and technology specialists working in a collaborative co-creation space.
  • JOINT SOLUTIONS: We are always seeking out spaces for our clients to work together alongside companies that share the same challenges, to reinvent new solutions or learn about existing solutions in new dimensions.


Sinapsis is a space, a way of working and a service that we offer our clients to reveal new opportunities that meet their business challenges. The process that we follow at Sinapsis helps us to discover, define and develop opportunities for innovation and change.

We can summarise our process phases in 3 large blocks: 


   Discover the changeStart-Up Activities

This is our initial phase, where we reveal new paths and solutions that help us meet business challenges, thanks to our market experts and our technological skills.

   Define the change: Feasibility & Design Presales

This is when we study the feasibility of initiatives that have emerged, put together a draft project that helps us understand what we need to tackle and define the road map that will allow us to bring the initiative, product or service to life.

   Deliver the change: Development & Go to Market

It’s time to bring the idea to life and shape it. We develop the initiative using Scrum and agile methodologies that help us get an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to put on the market quickly and efficiently, that can be repeated and improved to devise the optimum solution to boost business.

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