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We are the BusinessTech Consultancy, a transformation accelerator for those who need to remain competitive in a fast-changing world. Inspiring and bringing new solutions to the teams we co-create and work with. Helping to adopt and make work the new technologies that drive their challenges, accompanying them in their change, cyberprotecting their assets.

To reach tomorrow's opportunities at the speed we need today, creating a better future for all.

Entelgy ConsultingTech

Entelgy ConsultingTech is the answer to innovation, consulting and technology as a business facilitator. In today's demanding world, companies need inspiration: we work to help our clients accelerate their transformation at all levels.



Entelgy Digital

At Entelgy Digital we facilitate the process of transformation and change of organizations through people and technology. We drive our clients, turning their talent into an engine of change, at the speed they need to remain competitive and meet all their business challenges.


Entelgy Outsourcing

In transformation processes, change becomes a commitment that we must keep in time for things to happen. A path that can become blurred if we do not put in the necessary means and efforts. From Entelgy Outosourcing we put all our talent, experience and technology to make things happen.


Entelgy Innotec Security

The transformation of our society, and the increasingly connected future, lead us to tackle new challenges hitherto unknown. The safety of our customers is one of the fundamental pillars of business transformation. Entelgy Innotec Security provides the solutions and intelligence necessary to prevent and protect our businesses from cyber attacks and security breaches.

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Differential value for each sector

Public Sector, Financial, Industrial, Insurance, Telco and Media...

Be Agile School

Lead the cultural change towards agility in your organisation.

Blue Team. Protection, detection and response

We detect your threats and anticipate a possible attack.

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